The Happy Prince

Reviewed and photographed by David Douglas, 13th March 2016

From a story by Oscar Wilde and composed by Malcolm Williamson

Sunday 13th March was a day that left few dry eyes in the house. More than 70 children from the parish performed in Oscar Wilde’s emotional story of The Happy Prince, as part of the Windsor Spring Festival and Music at Bray.

Ticket sales exceeded expectations for both performances, as a professional orchestra, two top lead singers and young talented people filled the church with sentiment of the sacrifices the young Prince (Rhona Coogan) to relieve the suffering of his people, who he sees from his plinth. With the help of a migrating swallow, performed by 10 year old Marco Bulat, the Statue of the Prince, golden and bejewelled, sacrifices the riches he possesses to aid those needy citizens. Oscar Wilde gives us a fable of the power of love, such as the love given by Christ during this period of Lent.

Benjamin Britten Oscar Wilde