Written and photographed by Jim Tucker, May - November 2017
30 May 2017
Steve Capps left, with colleagues from the Tectra Partnership, on site.
21 June 2017
The Old Toilet Block is no more
6 July 2017
This is certainly the largest vehicle I have ever seen accessing the churchyard, but the combination of steering on all wheels, and a very skillful driver, saw it get safely all the way down to the toilet site. Then the reinforced concrete beams, which will form the suspended floor of the block, were craned into position. It is really progressing now!
13 July 2017
Just one week after those beams were delivered, and suddenly it begins to look like a building!
28 July 2017
This morning we had another progress meeting, with (l-r) Ian Murray, Jim Tucker, architect Philip Tilbury, and Steve Capps from Tectra. It's not quite ready for you yet, but ladies - here is your new loo!
26 August 2017
Coming along nicely now. Looking forward to when they are complete.
15 September 2017
Slates are on the roof, painting started; completion getting closer all the time.
27 September 2017
Now we can have a look inside for the first time. Here, in order, are the gentlemen's room, the ladies' area, the disabled cubicle. and finally the main entrance. We don't have an exact date yet, but we will be using the new building by the end of October!
1 November 2017
So, here we have, just about, the finished article. Subject to Building Control inspection today, and sign-off with the architect on Friday, we will be using the new toilet block this Sunday. At the beginning of the contract, Steve Capps and team from Tectra posed in front of the old building, so it was only right to invite them to do so again with their handiwork behind them.
3 November
Everything has been signed off, the building site has been cleared and the new toilet block was used for the first time on Sunday 5 November.

The Story of our New Toilet Block

The possibility of replacing the toilets was first taken seriously at one of our away days, I think the one at Burnham Abbey in the spring of 2013. We looked at various ways of doing this, and once it became clear that a new building on the same site was the only sensible choice, we set about the task. The Diocesan Advisory Committee were invited to come and look at the proposal, and Archdeacon Olivia visited on
29th November 2013, her first time in Bray.

After 12 months planning and obtaining permissions, we were a couple of years getting the required funds, then the last 12 months finding a contractor and having it built. Just as with the Appeal and the Organ Fund, much of the money has come from, or in memory, of the departed. We would far sooner they had been spared, of course, but our gratitude is everlasting. Particularly important was the very generous bequest from the late Peter Northall-Laurie, passed on to the project by the Friends of St Michael’s.

FACITIES: Male/Female, Invalid and a Nappy Changing Unit.

There are a lot of people to thank for the successful completion of this project:

  • Philip Tilbury, the church’s architect, for a functional yet elegant design
  • Steve Capps and workforce from Tectra Partnership Ltd, for such a splendid building, and their considerate approach to the church throughout the contract
  • Everyone who gave or raised money for us
  • Everyone who helped with publicising our efforts; Derek Fowles and St Michael’s News; several Bray reporters at the Maidenhead Advertiser; and especially Bill Allan through the church website.
  • Pam Woodruff for her effective stewarding of the Toilet Fund and efficient payment of accounts
  • Jasvir Banks for co-signing payments, and putting us on the path to saving £22,000 in VAT.
  • The churchwardens and the PCC, for their unfailing support throughout
  • Most of all, Ian Murray, whose technical knowledge, diligence and devotion to the task have been beyond value to the parish. This project could not have reached a satisfactory conclusion without him.
  • Jim Tucker who co-ordinated the project.