St. Michael’s, Bray with Braywood
Annual Parochial Church Meeting Papers 17th April 2016

Tower Report 2015 - 2016
Financial Statements Year Ending 31st December 2015
St. Michael’s, Bray with Braywood
Welcoming All in Faith, Hope and Love

Notice of two meetings to be held in St. Michael’s Church at 11.30am on Sunday 17th April 2016
Apologies for Absence :- Veronica Robinson
First Meeting - Election of Churchwardens
Second Meeting - Annual Parochial Church Meeting
**Minutes of the Meetings held on 19th April 2015 and matters arising therefrom.
Election of up to 12 members of the Parochial Church Council :- Presently serving  are, Kenneth Amery, Audrey Ashby, Jasvir Banks, Lesley Burch, Tony Ellison, Graham Firman, Oliver Gooch, Lynda Jones, John Seymour, Pam Woodruff.  No new applicants have made themselves know for serving on the PCC.

In addition to those listed above, the Incumbent, and the following members will serve on
the PCC:

Linda Shepherd 
Penny Murray
Jim Tucker 
Natasha Teeder 
(Deanery Synod)
(Deanery Synod)

Annual election of members of the Parochial Church Council
Election of Sidesmen:- Those currently serving are Dorothy Chappell, Claire Pishhorn, Kath Schofield, Lyn Richardson, Judith Riley, Tim Cook, Jackie Tucker, Sandra Halliday, Peter Sands, Ken Amery, Brenda Gardner, Roy Gardner, Sue Seymour, Sheila Fontaine, Gilly Blaxland, Edna Wood, Richard Smart, Helen Pearson, Anne Claire, Jane Carruthers, Tony Ellison, John Blaxland
The Electoral Roll of the Parish
Report on the proceedings of the Council and of the Church’s life up to 31st December 2015
The Young Church
Report of the financial affairs of the Parish and Financial Statement for the year to
31st December 2015
Report on the Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the Church
Report on the Deanery Synod
13   Report on The Tower
Independent Examiner
Date of the next Annual Parochial Church Meeting
Vicar’s Report
Any Other Business

St. Michael’s, Bray with Braywood
Minutes of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting held on 19th April 2015

Revd. Richard Cowles (Chairman), Linda Shepherd (Churchwarden), Jim Tucker, (Churchwarden), Ken Amery (Secretary) Pam Woodruff (Treasurer) and 27 other parishioners.

Lesley Burch 
Jim Tucker having completed his six year term was not standing for election. Linda Shepherd and Penny Murray had been nominated and seconded as Churchwardens.  There were no other names put forward, and they were duly elected with everyone in favour. The chairman expressed his appreciation for Jim’s huge contribution to the life of St Michael’s over the past six years. For his Christian witness, his capacity for hard work and his ability to remain unruffled. He also thanked Jackie Tucker for her own contribution and for her support of Jim. He also thanked Linda for her work and support over the past year.
The minutes of the meeting held on 30th March 2014 had been circulated. There was no comment on them, and it was the unanimous wish of those present that they be accepted as a true record. The chairman therefore signed the minutes, and there were no matters arising.
The below named had been duly proposed and seconded for election to the PCC, the names were read out. There were no further nominations. Their election was carried unanimously by a show of hands. Those elected were: -
Kenneth Amery, Audrey Ashby, Jasvir Banks, Lesley Burch, Tony Ellison, Graham Firman, Oliver Gooch, Lynda Jones, John Seymour, Pam Woodruff.,
In addition to those listed above, the Incumbent, and the following members will serve on
the PCC:

Linda Shepherd 
Penny Murray
Jim Tucker 
Natasha Teeder 
(Deanery Synod)
(Deanery Synod)

Ian Murray has resigned from the Deanery synod and would therefore no longer be a member of the PCC. The chairman thanked him for his dedication and capacity for hard work and added that his skills and expertise will continue to be available. Roy Gardner was also not standing for re-election. He was thanked for his hard work on the PCC.
The secretary explained to the meeting that the default position on the election to the council was that members be elected for three years. We choose to elect members every year, which was allowed under the rules, but at least once every six years we had to reaffirm that we wished this to remain as our policy. It was proposed by Jim Tucker and seconded by Linda Shepherd that we continue with annual elections. This was unanimously agreed.
The following had been nominated as sidesmen, and were approved unanimously by the meeting.
Ken Amery, Gilly Blaxland, John Blaxland, Dorothy Chappell, Anne Clare, Basil Clare, Tim Cook, Tony Ellison, Sheila Fontaine, Brenda Gardner, Roy Gardner, Trevor Gould, Sandra Halliday, Carol Joel, Graham Joel, Claire Pishorn, Lyn Richardson, Judith Riley, Peter Sands, Kath Schofield, Sue Seymour, Richard Smart, Jackie Tucker, Daphne Walker, and Charlotte White.
The chairman thanked those who had volunteered and emphasised that the welcoming of people into church was a very important part of our ministry.
Wenda Fowles, the Electoral Roll Officer reported that two names had been removed and one added during the year, so that the total on the roll was now 133.
THE 31st DECEMBER 2014
A report on the proceedings had been included in the APCM papers, and at the chairman’s suggestion was taken as read. There were no questions.
A report from Natasha Teeder on the activities of the Sunday school had been included in the APCM papers. There were no questions or comments.
The treasurer’s report had been circulated beforehand with the financial statements and approved by the PCC. The treasurer, Pam Woodruff was available for questions. There were no questions.
A Report from Ian Murray on the Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the church had been included in the papers for the APCM.  There were no questions or comments.
Jim Tucker’s report on the work of the Deanery Synod had been included with the church papers. There was nothing to add, and no questions were raised. He added that there was now a vacancy for a representative from St Michael’s.
Elaine Pleace had expressed her willingness to be re-elected as the Independent Examiner. Jim Tucker proposed and Graham Firman seconded the appointment of Elaine Pleace as Independent Examiner, and all were in favour.  The chairman thanked her for her work.
This was scheduled for Sunday 17th April 2016.
I hope that you have all had a chance to read the Annual Report, which contains an account of what the PCC deems to be the significant happenings in church life over the calendar year of 2014.
I hope also that you will agree that these reports are comprehensive and leave very little for me to say in addition.  It has been a year in which, as in life generally, there have been joys as well as sorrows affecting the St Michael’s family.  At some of these times we simply have to hold on, concentrating on the essentials: faith, hope and love.
In last year’s report I noted two challenges to be faced in the coming year: money and membership.
Money: St Michael’s has no significant historic endowments and we depend on our own efforts to pay the Parish Share and keep the church going.  We are only just managing to keep our heads above water, as the Treasurer’s report indicates, but the Stewardship refresher campaign that we ran towards the end of the year produced some gratifying results.  There were nearly 40 responses and a total of approaching £8,000 p.a. in regular new giving was promised, as well as over £1,000 in one-off donations.  I am grateful to all those who support the church financially, and may I take this opportunity to stress that neither I nor the wardens know the details of those who contribute – neither names nor amounts, This is information is confidential and known only to Tony Ellison, our Planned Giving Officer, to whom I am most grateful.
Membership: The Church report ‘From Anecdote to Evidence’ found that the churches, which grow in numbers, are those who intentionally target growth in membership as a priority.  The PCC discussed the report and its findings and requested Catharine Morris the archdeaconry parish development adviser to facilitate our further discussion at an away day at Ascot Priory.  This is reported in the Mission Plan Report section of these papers.  A week tomorrow four of us from St Michael’s are attending a four-day residential course ‘Leading your church into growth’.  We look forward to sharing our experiences and thoughts with you.
In the last few years’ reports I have mentioned progress with the new organ, and can now report that the instrument has settled down and is producing some fine music under the hands and feet of our players.
A recent visit from the Diocesan Organ advisers gave rise to some complimentary remarks, including a comment that the digital section was the finest yet heard.
Last year was notable for the centenary commemoration of the start of World War 1 and we marked that in a number of ways, including a Requiem Eucharist on the Sunday before 4th August, when the names of all those from the parish who had perished in service were read out; an exhibition in church, and a special Music at Bray: For the Fallen, with music and readings – a most moving occasion.
We are grateful for the support of The Friends of St Michael’s, and during the year a fine new altar frontal was commissioned by them from the well-known ecclesiastical textile designer Juliet Hemingray, with which we are delighted.     
I am grateful to all those who contribute in so many different ways to the life of St Michael’s.  I know that each one of them takes their duties seriously and in doing so makes a real contribution.
And so I should like to thank, in no particular order:
The Revd John Copping, who has continued to celebrate and preach regularly and whose ministry is much appreciated by all; Canon Peter Johnson, The Revds. David Dadswell, Joan Hicks & June Faulkner have also been generous in their offers of help.
The Wardens I have already thanked
The Deputy Wardens
The Officers of the PCC, Secretary Ken Amery & Treasurer Pam Woodruff
Deputy Chairman of the PCC, John Seymour for his work in this regard and other matters
The Fabric Officer, Ian Murray
Lynda Jones, Lay Funeral Minister whose work in this regard and in that as Sacristan and taking house communion around the parish is much appreciated.
Audrey Ashby for her work as Verger, for organising the evensong readers and the church cleaning, for playing the organ and piano respectively at Jesus Hospital and Holyport Lodge 
Anne Clare as our former Deanery Synod Representative and for her pastoral work
Linda Shepherd for all her administrative support, for manning the office phone and for her work with both baptism visiting and also marriage preparation
Wenda Fowles for the weekly sheet, the Electoral Roll and the Registers
Derek Fowles for the Parish Newsletter
Fees treasurer, Jasvir Banks
Elaine Pleace our independent examiner of accounts
Trevor Gould for his beautiful and eye-catching posters
Sue Seymour & Judith Riley for ‘refreshing’ the ladies loos
Our team of sidesmen and sideswomen
Ollie Gooch Director of Music for his expertise and enthusiasm, and for Music at Bray
Organists Paul Wingfield, and Lesley Burch for her time generously given
Choir for their contribution to our worship and the concerts
Maggie Jans and the flower ladies
The church cleaners
The Social Committee, Roy & Brenda Gardner, Ken Amery, for the events and visits, so much enjoyed and appreciated
Graham Firman and the dedicated band of ringers
Tony Ellison, Planned Giving Secretary, and the team of counters
Graham Smith and the team of Church Watchers who enable the church to be open to visitors
Natasha Teeder, and the Sunday school helpers for their work with the children
Beryl Maw, for leading the courses so capably, together with Lynda Jones and Pam Woodruff
Lesley Burch and Jonathan House, Child Protection Representatives
The team of refreshment providers who man the Hall after every 10 o’clock service
Those who do the same after the Sunday concerts
The Henley family
Bill Allan for his work on the St Michael’s website
The Friends of St Michael’s
The Fete committee
Those members of the congregation who sit as governors on the boards of our two parish church schools
All who take part in our Sunday services as readers or intercessors
If I have left anyone out then I apologise for my oversight.
As we look back over the last year we realise that there is much for which to give thanks to God, and as we look forward we do so in faith and hope that He will continue to bless us.

I know that Maureen will want to join me in wishing to express our sincere gratitude for the personal support shown to us over the last year.
And finally, as I conclude my 7th annual report, I should like to say that it has been, and continues to be, an honour and a privilege to serve as your vicar. 

In response to the Vicar’s report, Jim Tucker expressed the thanks of all present to Richard. He said that Richard had mentioned the teamwork at St Michael’s, but a good team needs a good leader. He has proved himself a leader, mentor and guide and is totally committed to St Michael’s in everything he does. This statement was greeted with applause.

The chairman informed the meeting that the Secretary, Ken Amery was standing down from this role after eighteen years. He thanked him for his calm and practical approach to this role. On behalf of the council he was presented with a painting of the inside of St Michael’s. The Secretary thanked the chairman for his very kind words and the unexpected gift.

The meeting ended at 12.02



St. Michael’s, Bray with Braywood
Welcoming All in Faith, Hope and Love
Annual Report for 2015


There are ten elected members of the PCC in addition there are unelected members who are on the council because of their roles in the church and parish. These are the incumbent, the churchwardens and members of the deanery synod.  The PCC meets regularly and has met seven times during this Church year to discuss the regular business of the church and once with short notice to finalise the ending of the lease to St Michael' Cottage. The Standing Committee meets regularly between the full meetings and has met on six occasions to plan agendas for the full meetings and to discuss matters of urgency that cannot wait until the full meeting.

The members of the Council are as follows;

Rev. R. Cowles
J. Seymour
Deputy Chairman
L. Shepherd
Church Warden
P Murray
Church Warden
L Burch
A. Ellison
Planned Giving Secretary
P Woodruff    
J. Banks
K Amery
A. Ashby
O. Gooch
L. Jones     N. Teeder      
J Tucker            

The vicar is automatically a member of the Deanery Synod. Our lay representatives are Natasha Teeder, Jim Tucker and Penny Murray. 

From the Registers

Thanksgiving for the gift of a child
Blessings of Marriage
Funerals of Parishioners in church
Funerals of Parishioners in crematorium
Memorial services in church
Burials and Internment in Touchen End churchyard
Burials and Internment in Braywood churchyard
Interment of cremated remains in St Michael’s churchyard

Average Sunday attendance was 116 adults and 8 children (aged under 16).
Major festivals: Easter – 231 (172 communicants) and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – 396 (235 communicants)
The combined attendances at the school services during Advent was 650.


Your PCC meets to discuss many things that relate to the day to day running of our church.  The finances involved in the upkeep of our beautiful and historic church building are considered, as well as how to enrich our worship and enhance support and outreach within the local community and beyond.

This year we have completed our responsibilities towards St Michael's Cottage, returning it in good order to the Lich Gate Trust. Thanks to all involved in preparing the property for this transfer and to those who carried out the discussions enabling the transfer to be carried out so equitably.

We have also removed some of the old pews providing new chairs in their place which are more versatile.  One of the pews was very cleverly reformed into music shelves for storage of organ music. There are on-going repairs to some of the plaster work beside and above the new organ, which has needed to be wrapped in plastic for its protection. The sound system within the church has also been repaired and enhanced.

We have been developing our Mission plan after attending a course provided by the Oxford Diocese on Leading Your Church into Growth.

It was lovely to see the children from the local church schools taking part in our services for Harvest Festival, Christingle and Candlemas.  Our Musical Director is also staging another of his child operas within the church.  This time it is 'The Happy Prince' by Malcolm Williamson, adapted from a work by Oscar Wilde.  We take our responsibilities to children, young people and vulnerable people attending or working in the church very seriously and we reaffirmed that we would continue to use and support the 'Diocese Child Protection Policy'.

We now have a St Michael’s Facebook page, as well as a very informative website and the Parish Magazine to communicate with the wider congregation.

This year the social committee organised a trip to the English Martyrs Church, Goring on Sea (for the replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling) and then onto Brighton Pavilion. Later in the year they also visited Canterbury cathedral and paid a visit to the Pudding Club in the Cotswolds. We also greatly enjoyed the Jazz on the Lawn event which due to inclement weather became Jazz in the Church.

We have raised funds in many ways including a Jumble Sale, the Bray fete, a bridge afternoon, ploughman’s lunch and a Community Carol service.  These have allowed us to make donations to several charities such as Christian Aid, MacMillan, Alexander Devine, British Legion, Maidenhead Group Food Share as well as replenishing some of our own monies. We are most grateful to all those involved in giving their time and skills to this work.

R. Cowles   

TOWER REPORT 2015 - 2016

We are fortunate in having a strong band of bellringers at St Michael’s with a wide range of ability and ages. There are 21 members of the tower, including several who are able to ring our heaviest bells. We have been able to ring for all Sunday morning 10am services and weddings, most Sunday evening services, as well as our usual Thursday evening practices.
Ringing has also taken place for other occasions including additional services at Easter and Christmas, and the Magna Carta celebrations. We rang quarter peals for the VE anniversary, and for Sam (our Deputy Captain) and Emma Maynard’s wedding.

In the summer we had a tower outing to Thatcham and Bucklebury and have taken part several other social events including a skittles match against the Cookham ringers, a barbeque, and visits to the Rebellion brewery.

Our two learners, Kathy Gladwyn and her son Ben are progressing well. They started to learn in 2014 and can now both safely ring call changes without supervision.

We had high hopes of doing well in the local knockout striking competition, having been the runner up in 2014, but unfortunately we were knocked out before reaching the final in the 2015 event.

During the year it was agreed that the fees paid to ringers should be increased to bring us in line with the payment to ringers at nearby towers.

Some of our ringers also ring regularly with other bands including three who have dual membership with other local towers. Also Katharine and Graham Firman are members of the High Wycombe 12-bell competition team, and Olly Cross, who also rings regularly in London, is a member of the Ancient Society of College Youths band that came first in the National 12-bell Competition in Norwich in June.

At our AGM in February this year Derek Fowles retired as tower Treasurer after 46 years of service. During this time he had also held other posts including Tower Captain, Deputy Captain, and Steeplekeeper. The ringers met for lunch to thank Derek for his long service. Mary Cross is now the Treasurer. Also at the AGM Graham Firman decided not to stand again as Tower Captain after 34 years of service. Katharine Firman was elected as Tower Captain.

Graham Firman


This year, the number of children who regularly attend has dropped dramatically. The numbers still vary a lot from a low of 1 to 10. On the positive the age range has reduced. Which makes for a more interactive session.

As we do every year we have covered many topics, some lessons are based on the reading you’ll hear in church others on the basic principles of Christianity. 

The All-age services continues to draw in new faces, recently some have expressed an interested in joining us. I have also had interest from those who attended the Candlemas Service. So if the sermons are too much do come and join us! 

See you soon, with love and prayers.



The early part of the year was taken up largely with the repair and redecoration of St Michael's Cottage.

A fall of plaster, from the arch over the east end of the north aisle, showed that it had been caused by the ingress of water at that end of the north pitch. The leak was traced to damaged coping stones that cap the east arch. These were probably damaged when lead, stolen from the north valley in 2008, was thrown off the Norries’ Chapel roof, hitting the stones on the way down.

A successful insurance claim was made for the internal plaster work but the external repairs were carried out at a cost to the church of £4740. The DAC allowed the external repairs to go ahead immediately and within the deminimis scheme; however a full petition for faculty was granted later in the year for the internal plaster work.

With the scaffold already in place it was thought prudent to also carry out precautionary repairs to the flashing in that area and this was done at a cost of £650 + vat (included in the above). Similar repairs were carried out to flashing on the south side of the same pitch earlier this year at a cost of £849 +vat.

Repairs were necessary to the Hall boiler. The burner fan had failed on several occasions and it was decided to replace it. Scale and corrosion inhibitors were also added to both the hall and church systems. All of this work was carried out by the same team in one day, with some cost saving, at a total cost of £1085 (inc. vat) 

Fencing at Touchen End Churchyard has been renewed at a cost of £200.

Routine checking of the fire extinguishers took place in June. One was replaced on the ten year service scheme and some signage was added, all at a cost of £432.

Organ tuning took place in May and December, each at a cost of £355. However Music at Bray contributed half of the December payment. An additional tuning was carried out when the protective covering was removed from over the organ, after the plaster work was completed, at cost to the insurers.

Routine inspections of both boilers were carried out in July.

Both power amplifiers in the sound system have been replaced at a cost, to the Friends of St Michael's, of £300.

Thanks to all those who took part in working party days. Works completed included the cleaning and inspection of all gutters, hoppers and down-pipes, the removal of vegetation from the walls and some high level cleaning in the church. Thanks to Mike Henley for the continuing high level work especially repairs to lighting in the church. 


2015 was the second of the three-year cycle for the current Synod. A change in our representatives was needed after Ian Murray stepped down from the PCC, and Penny Murray took his place.

Synod met four times in the year, the March meeting being of special note because it was held in our parish, for the first time in many years. Holyport Primary School was the venue, and Jessica Hall of Christian Aid gave us some valuable insights into that charity’s work. Another important agenda evening was the adoption of the Deanery Mission Action Plan, which was subsequently signed off by Bishop Andrew and the Archdeaconry Pastoral Committee. We are grateful to the Headteacher for hosting this event.

The June Synod at Stubbings focused on Leading Your Church into Growth, each of the parishes which had attended LYCiG the previous April making a contribution. Lynda Jones joined us for ours, when she and Jim were interviewed by Richard about their experience of the course.

Also in June the Deanery Visitation took place at St Michael’s. Though not strictly a Synod matter, it did bring together churchwardens from across Maidenhead and Windsor, including Linda Shepherd and Penny Murray, to be sworn in for the next 12 months by the Archdeacon and the Chancellor of the Diocese. We are not aware of this ever happening at Bray before.

At Clewer St Stephen’s in September, Synod had a unique opportunity to hear from the Revd Mark Balfour, who was about to leave his parish of St Peter, Furze Platt, to work with people on the streets of Guatemala City with his wife. This is clearly a place of deprivation and danger, and our prayers are with them. Education was theme at All Saints, Clewer in November, when members of the Diocesan Board of Education, and the Head of Churchmead School in Datchet, brought us up to date with developments in this field.

This was a year, too, of elections. The Revd Sam Alberry, Associate Priest at St Mary’s Maidenhead, was elected to the House of Clergy in General Synod, the Deanery’s first representative there for many years, and Jim Tucker was elected to serve on Diocesan Synod.

Jim Tucker


For the choir, 2015 might be described as a year of consolidation. Having lost Paul Wingfield when he and Emily moved to Birmingham, choir numbers managed to hold steady, and near the end of the year received a welcome boost with the arrival of several new, younger members. Josie and Christopher Douglas, having previously performed with Music at Bray, were particularly welcome, and we hope all will continue with us in the future.

We were kept busy marking the church calendar with appropriate music throughout the year, at Easter and Christmas in particular, and the loyalty of long-standing members of the choir is an immeasurable benefit.

The year’s activity for Music at Bray reflected the fact that the Director of Music had become a father, and moved out of St Michael’s Cottage. Sunday afternoon recitals continued as before, suitably backed up by the splendid providers of tea and cake; this year for the first time, Jazz at the Vicarage was greeted with torrential rain, and became Jazz in the Church.

However, we did stage a major event at the beginning of December, when the Community Choir reconvened for a Community Carol Concert. We were joined by a Community Orchestra, the church choir, and several soloists, in an enjoyable occasion that resulted in £271 being donated to Maidenhead Foodshare.

At the time of writing, Music at Bray efforts are concentrated on The Happy Prince, our next operatic production on 13 March, which will feature professional soloists and orchestra, and around 20 local young people. This will be part of the Windsor Spring Festival, and promises to be memorable.

Ollie Gooch

Welcoming All in Faith, Hope and Love

The objective of the Mission Plan is “Going for Growth” under three main pillars of activity

  1. Nurture and Discipleship Courses with Jim Tucker as Lead Person
  2. Children and Young People with Penny Murray as Lead person
  3. Pastoral Care with Lynda Jones and Linda Shepherd as Lead Persons

A copy of the Mission Plan is attached (which is reviewed on a regular basis) and if there is anyone who would like to be actively involved then Richard, Jim, Penny, Lynda or Linda would love to hear from you. 
To further our Mission Plan, the Rev. Richard Cowles, Linda Shepherd, Lynda Jones and Jim Tucker attended “Leading your Church into Growth” course in April 2015 with approximately 150 people from all over the Diocese of Oxford including Bishop Colin of Dorchester and Bishop Andrew of Reading.  A follow-up one-day course was attended later in the year by Jim Tucker, Lynda Jones, Lesley Burch and Pam Woodruff.  Both events have helped in keeping the Mission Plan on track and looking at where we can make it even more relevant to our community.

Three newsletters were sent to the Church mailing list during 2015 and a further one has been sent in January 2016 to keep as many people as possible updated about progress with the mission plan, special services and events, Lent  courses, social club outings, concerts etc.  It has been especially pleasing to welcome choirs from Holyport and Braywood school to special services.  During 2016 there will be a Welcome Back to Church Sunday and a Welcome course for as many of the congregation who would like to attend.  The project to re-build the toilets is underway and more news on this will be forthcoming from Jim Tucker. 2016 is a special year for HM The Queen and to commemorate her 90th birthday it is hoped to hold a flower festival in church to coincide with a special service to mark her anniversary.

Welcoming all in Faith Hope and Love

Year Ended 31 December 2015

This year’s figures show a much improved situation compared to last year, which is due to the generosity of all those who support the church.

Planned giving continues to be the main source of church income and for this we have to thank Tony Ellison for his meticulous record keeping and his diligence in ensuring that any possible gift aid recoverable is claimed. This all takes a considerable amount of Tony’s time, so I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and the other PCC members to thank him.

Another useful source of revenue is the various church fund-raising activities which occur during the year. Proceeds from the annual fete were split between the Alexander Devine Trust and the Church and Church Hall Repair Fund, and the profits from the jumble sale and Advent Fair went to the general account.

The new account created for the toilet block is showing a balance of £39,818, which is made up of various donations received during the year including £1,200 from the Friends of St Michael’s. The only payment made this year was to Herbert J Stribling & Partners, the architects based in Eton.

Jasvir Banks the Fees Treasurer has confirmed that she continues to receive the wedding fees in a timely fashion and that overall the residual amount has increased on last year by £2,719.I would like to thank Jasvir for the time consuming job of ensuring those who are involved in the marriage services are paid and corresponding with the couples to make sure the correct fees are received.

One expense that could not be covered by general funds was the work that had to be carried out on St Michael’s cottage before we surrendered the lease at the end of October; hence, a transfer from the St Michael’s House fund of £24,271 had to be made.

Other unplanned expenditure included the new duplicating equipment and roof repairs (coping stones) the cost of which was largely met by contributions from the Friends of St Michael’s and Music at Bray. The Friends have also paid for the new audio equipment in the church and Music at Bray has contributed to the costs of tuning the organ. Maintenance is higher than last year but this reflects the age of some of the equipment such as the central heating boiler, which is starting to require more attention.

Fortunately the introduction of the Charity SORP 2015 has not impinged on the way we have to report our figures and I am extremely grateful to the time Elaine Pleace has given to auditing the books for St Michael’s Bray PCC.

Lastly I just want to thank the many people involved in counting and banking the weekly collections, it is very much appreciated.


Financial Statement for Year Ended 31st December 2015

Created by the legacy of the late Miss E Heath in March 2000
Created by the lagacy of the late Mr J Holway in May 2002
In Memory of the Late Jennifer Muriel Boulton
Interest from Fund Created by Donation in August 2004 et seq
Created following the sale of the curate’s house
Transferred to local control in May 2009
Created December 2013 to fund toilet block adjacent to Church Hall
as at 31st December 2015