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From "The Bray Magazine" July 1917
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Dear Friends,

As you may imagine, I have been thinking a good deal about weddings, ever since my daughter announced her intention to be married in St Michael’s.

In the service of Holy Matrimony in the old Prayer Book, the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, it says that the Preacher in his sermon will declare to the couple their duties as husband and wife.  But it seems to me that a wedding, of all occasions, is not the place to be talking of duty.

The Bible tells us that our Lord Jesus Christ was himself a guest at a wedding - in Cana of Galilee.  St John in his Gospel says that this wedding was the occasion for the performance of the first of Jesus' miracles, what St John refers to as the first of the seven great signs which revealed Jesus’ glory, the changing of water into wine.

You may recall that Jesus’ assistance was called for in a situation which could have been very embarrassing for the wedding couple and their families – the bar had nearly been drunk dry and there was no more wine.  Jesus, without fuss, came to the rescue, and provided a vast quantity of excellent wine – grand cru quality.  The family’s honour was spared and they were congratulated: ’Most people serve the best wine first, and the cheap stuff afterwards, when everyone’s had a few, but you’ve kept the best wine until now.’

At this wedding feast then, did Jesus spend his time laying down the law to the happy couple, telling them of their duties and obligations to each other?  No. He concerned himself with the supply of their wine!  It seemed a shame to Jesus if anything was lacking that could spread abroad delight. 

He supplied the wine.  The bride and bridegroom drank from the cup; they passed it round to their family and their friends who tasted and shared in the flavour of their joy.

Love and prayers,

PS: Many thanks to all those at St Michael’s who helped to make the wedding such a special occasion.


Inside your Parochial Church Council from Lesley Burch, Hon secretary to PCC

Members of the Parochial Church Council are elected by the parishioners at the Annual Parochial Church meeting in order to make decisions concerning the life of the church on your behalf. This is a summary of the business transacted at the May 2017 meeting. It is hoped that you will find the contents interesting, helpful and thought provoking.

The Jumble Sale held in March raised over £400. A ‘Good as New’ rail will be put up at the ‘Summer Teas Afternoons’.  Summer Teas re-commenced on Sunday, 28th May and there will be a raffle with tickets on sale both at the afternoon teas and in church.  The procedes from the raffle will be split with Thames Valley Hospice. Several prizes have been donated including some from  The Waterside Inn, Bridge House and Jerry Rook the butcher. Temporary toilets have been set up in the Church yard in preparation for the commencement of the building of the "New Toilet Block."

The five yearly electrics inspection of the church and church hall was carried out on the 3rd April. A number of issues were raised in the report but none in the code 1, dangerous category. Works to rectify all code 2 items in the church and church hall plus the remaining code 3 items in the hall have been commissioned and will be completed on Friday, 26th May at a total cost of £1400. Estimates for the remaining code 3 works in the church will be completed on that Friday but are not expected to come to more than £1200. There is no urgency to this work which can be carried out at a later date. The additional surge arrester, mentioned in a previous report, will be fitted to the north aisle board on Tuesday, 23rd May at a cost of £785. There is evidence of rain water entering through the chancel roof over the north pulpit. Damp patches can be seen in the roof lining, between the rafters adjacent to the arch wall. On inspection during the last working party day some movement cracks were found in the fillets and lime mortar over this area. Repair work will be almost exactly the same as that carried out on the north aisle pitch just over a year ago. No scaffolding is required and an estimate has been requested.

Ken Amery

An early reminder for you. Our Ploughman’s Lunch in aid of Macmillan Cancercare will take place on Saturday, 30th September, from 12 mid-day to 2 p.m. in St Michael’s Hall. This is not only an opportunity to support a deserving charity but it is also a great social occasion.

There will be a list for you to put your names down, at the back of the church from early September. Booking is essential and so is advising us about allergies. As well as the substantial lunch, there will be a raffle and sale of jams and chutney; all for £6.50.


On Sunday, July 16th , 2017  from 2. 00 .p.m. to 5.00 p.m. In support of the work of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance

An all-inclusive ticket price of £4 per adult (Under 18's free) with map to view the participating village gardens will be available from outside the parade of shops in Stompits Road, Holyport from 2 p.m. on the day. All the gardens are within walking distance of one another. The gardens range in type from large landscaped to small front cottage with all year round interest to summer bedding. There will be refreshments available at one of the gardens.

Further information from Pauline Janikoun on 01628 636891 or at the following website: https://www.tvairambulance.org.uk


Wendy, our President opened the June meeting, and asked us all to sing Jerusalem. Three new visitors were welcomed and then apologies were given for all those who couldn’t attend the meeting.

Bryony supplied the table flowers this month, while Wendy provided the birthday posies. Penny told us about her recent trip to see “The Girls”, a Gary Barlow production in London and asked members if anyone would be interested in going to see this show. A group of 10 would be needed in order to get the discounted tickets. Pam then read out the report on the Group Meeting, that was held at Holyport Memorial Hall in May.

A discussion took place about the Summer Garden party at Ann M’s house, it was agreed that we would share cars to this venue, due to parking difficulties at Ann’s house. A book was circulated for members to write down the refreshements they would be willing to provide, for this event in August.

Wendy thanked all those who had provided cakes for Holyport Fair. Our contribution had been excellent one this year, we had managed to raise £125. towards the various charities the fair raises money for.

Pauline J had been our representative at the National AGM in Liverpool this year. Pauline gave a brief report on the speakers and the resolutions. The first resolution was “Alleviating Loneliness” and 69.3% were in favour of this, with “Plastic Soup” at 98% in favour. Pauline said the two days had been very enjoyable, even though they had just got back that afternoon to attend the evening meeting.

An invitation to look around the Real Tennis Club had been extended to our W.I. Carole to liase with them to arrange a date for a few of our ladies to attend. Carole will also attend a memorial service for Betty C in August, all members interested to let Carole know.

The planned Car Boot sale is ongoing. Janet read out this months walk, this time it will be set around the village of Waltham St. Lawrence.

Wendy introduced our speaker for the evening Mr. Steve Roberts, his subject “Tales of a Scotland Yard Detective”. Steve had us all enthralled with tales of his time in the London police force. He was a very entertaining speaker, with his cockney rhyming words and tales of his time on the beat, and of later with the Flying Squad. He also told us of some of the dangerous assignments he had been involved in, all told very amusingly. Everyone agreed he had been one of our best speakers.


The War

There are so many now that need our sympathy and prayers.  so many are in sorrow, so many in anxiety, so many in danger.  But here in Bray we have this month a special sorrow which we must share with Mr. Keeble, the firm friend and devoted organist of the Church, whose elder son died in France on Thursday, June 18th, from shrapnel wounds received in action.  Those of us who have met Lieutenant Keeble will always remember this charm of his modesty and his attractive manly presence.  There was peculiar promise in him of a brilliant and successful life, and we know that such promises never fail of fulfilment somewhere in God’s kingdom.  Yet we feel the poorer when we cannot watch and cherish that fulfilment, and so we enter at least a little way into the sorrow of many aching hearts.  We truly sympathise with the bereaved father and mother and brother of Lieutenant Keeble.

He it was who inscribed and illuminated the Roll of Honour that hangs in the church.  The sight of that roll should remind us that it is our increasing duty to pray to God for those who so greatly need God’s help.   Victory is coming to us, but how much more true happiness there will be in it if we who remain at home prepare ourselves for it now by the frequent prayer which draws us closer together in love and kindness one to another and “binds us by golden chains about the Feet of God.”

and from August 1917

We gladly give publicity to the following appeal now being circulated in the parish, recommending it to the thoughtful consideration of all our readers.  May we add that it is not only the big sums that are wanted in a case like this, but the little sums too.  Nothing is too small to give, and the “widow’s mites” would be specially welcomed.

To The Parishioners

At the last Easter Meeting the “Bells Reparation Fund” showed a deficit of £56. 8s. 9d.  It was unanimously agreed that special effort should be made to extinguish this debt and a Sub Committee was appointed for the purpose.  The Repairs to the Interior of the Tower, the new cage for the Bells, and the re-hanging them, were carried out during July to Christmas, 1914.  The Bell-founders’ account has been paid b the Wardens.  The Parishioners should acknowledge this debt on the part of the Wardens;  and the obligation of indebtedness to them, for this act of grace, rests upon all alike.

At the Vestry it was pointed out that many Parishioners have seats allotted to them, and that, in accordance with old custom, no Pew rents are charged.  It was strongly urged that occupiers of Pews who were unable to attend Church on many Sundays ought to make up the loss to the offertories by increased subscriptions.  The Parishioners are therefore asked for a special subscription for the purpose of repaying the Wardens the deficit of £56. 8s. 9d. on the “Bells Account.”

In addition to the above, there was also a deficiency on the yearly “Church Expenses Account” of £28. 10s. 4d.  Towards extinction of this also (Already discharged by the Wardens) your contribution is solicited.  It is required now to raise this money:  and we therefore ask all to co-operate and contribute towards the maintenance of their Parish Church.




Thursday, 13th July at 7.45 p.m. in Holyport Memorial Hall.
Speaker:  Catherine Sampson - ‘Georgian Cookery’.

Moneyrow Green
Monday, 24th July at 2.00 p.m. in Holyport Memorial Hall.

Music At Bray
Sunday July 30th at 3.00 p.m.

Join us on the Vicarage garden for an afternoon of jazz inspired by the music of New Orleans,
presented by the ever-popular Davies Quartet, followed by afternoon tea and cakes.

Entrance £10 on the gate

Maidenhead Heritage Centre
18 Park Street, Maidenhead.
Exhibition until 30th September - Maidenhead in the 1950s.
15 - 29th July - Festival of Archaeology - special display as part of a nationwide festival.

13th July, 3rd and 24th August
The Willows 11.50 - 12.35 p.m.
Brayfield Road 2.40 - 3.00 p.m.
Walker Road 3.10 p.m. - 3.40 p.m.