Friends of St Michael's Chair Report

Sadly in these times it is not possible to hold an ‘open AGM’ so instead I am sending the minutes of our last AGM, my report for the 21st AGM  and the accounts to you by email. 

As recorded in the Minutes of last year’s AGM, Tony Ellison said that he wished to step down from his role as Treasurer of The Friends of St. Michael’s and we were seeking someone to replace him in his very important and vital role.  I am delighted to let you know that at our February 2020 meeting, Bill Banks was elected by your Committee to succeed Tony and we warmly welcome him ‘on board’. I would like to record our thanks to Tony for his long service to The Friends and our admiration for the way in which he has carried out the role of Treasurer with professionalism and dedication. 

I would also like to record a vote of thanks to Julie Graham and her team for organizing a very successful non-fee paying Tea on the Vicarage Lawn last July (courtesy of Jane and Ainsley Swift). It was a very successful afternoon and much enjoyed by Friends and their guests and we were delighted when some guests registered as new members.

The Friends of St. Michael’s Bray was formed in 1998 with the objective of raising funds to support the church, the church hall and churchyard.  Since formation of the charity a total of £174,000 has been donated by The Friends for items in the church and church hall and support for Music at Bray. In the last year this has included Repairs to Vestments, a new Altar Cloth, a new Altar Frontal for Lent and Advent, assistance with the new floodlighting and the boiler replacement work.

Members of your Committee are:

Chair: Lynda Jones; Treasurer Bill Banks; Events Co-ordinator Julie Grarham; Secretary Sarah Pallot: Rev’d Ainsley Swift (ex officio member); Graham Barker, Steve Adams. Chris Khoo. I would like to sincerely thank all members of the Committee for their work and dedication to The Friends. 


The Trustees of The Friends are Lynda Jones, Vernon Webster, John Blaxland, Tony Ellison and Graham Barker.


If you have any questions arising from his report or from the accounts please do not hesitate to let me know.


With my best wishes – stay safe and keep well


Lynda Jones