Parish Giving Scheme


The Vicarage 27th April 2020

Dear Friends,

I am sure you will not need reminding that the current situation is having just as serious an impact on the church as on every aspect of our lives. Not only are we being denied the ability to worship together, but much of the income on which St Michael’s relies is no longer there.

The first thing I must do is to say “thank you” to everyone for what you contribute to parish funds. Without the support of those who do so each month through your bank, not only would our parish now be in dire straits, but so would the Diocese of Oxford and the wider Church of England. It’s a great shame that those of you who give in cash week by week do not currently have any opportunity to do so.

Quite a number of parishioners already give to the church through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), and this is strongly recommended by the Parochial Church Council. This has many advantages, both for you and the parish, including:

  1. Payments are made monthly by direct debit from your bank account, with no further action required from you
  2. You do not need to have cash each week
  3. The finance team no longer need to open the envelope, then count and bank the cash
  4. The funds are very quickly in the church’s bank account
  5. Any Gift Aid due follows automatically within a few days, saving a great deal of paperwork, and a delay of several months

In addition, you have the option to “index link” what you give, so that it increases each year in line with inflation.

PGS is an ideal solution if you have been used to putting cash in the collection plate, or completing a white Gift Aid envelope. It will be of particular help to the small number of folk who use the numbered weekly envelopes, since the PCC earlier this year decided to close the scheme at the end of June, to reduce the administrative workload and because the printing costs have become uneconomic.

Those who have been using the PGS for the last year or so have found it very convenient. If you would like to join, and for full details, please visit You can then arrange to give regularly by this method by telephoning the office which organises the scheme for a number of dioceses on 0333 002 1271. It is essential that when asked for your church information, you give the code for St Michael’s, which is 270627369.

I want to make it clear that the amount you choose to give, now or in the future, is entirely confidential, and certainly not known to me. If you were able to respond to our request last year for increased giving, my renewed thanks. If not, perhaps you might consider reviewing what you give now.

From time to time, I am asked how an individual can make a one-off donation to the church at the moment. You can do so online by BACS transfer. The account details are;

Account name - St Michaels Bray with Braywood PCC

Sort Code - 20-38-83

Account number - 80409081

Please put your name as a reference. If you would like to email Jim Tucker - - he will send you a Gift Aid form.

Finally, I cannot close without expressing my gratitude to the churchwardens, officers of the church, and everyone else involved, for giving such tremendous help and support at this unprecedented and difficult time.

With love and prayers,

The Revd Ainsley Swift

The Vicar of Bray with Braywood